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A piano is a prized possession. Pianos are expensive and valuable musical instruments. Pianos, though, are large instruments; they are very delicate and require utmost care. Hence, while you are moving out, pianos need special care. It would be difficult for you to move a piano by yourself; you must seek a movers help.

It is advisable that you hire a professional piano mover rather than an ordinary mover. Hiring professional movers would save you work and money, and most importantly, your prize possession would remain intact.

While you appoint a piano mover, you must consider the following things:

  • Firstly, you must find out if the piano mover has a valid moving license as per the state’s law. The mover should have proper equipment for moving your piano, and should provide you the minimum insurance amount. If the mover doesn’t have a valid license then you are at risk of loss if any damage occurs to your piano as the mover is a fraud.
  • Before hiring a piano mover, it is essential to know about the skill levels of the workers who would do the job. Ask the mover about the workers’ experience in doing the job; the more experienced they are more, the better chance of your piano being moved safely. If the workers are skilled and experienced, you go ahead and appoint the mover.
  • It is better to know beforehand how the movers charge for moving pianos. Some movers charge according to the weight of the piano, while some charge on hourly basis and others charge a flat rate. Compare the rates and choose a mover as per your budget and needs.
  • You must also consider the moving vehicle. Pianos require special care so that they don’t get damaged while in transit. The vehicle should have good suspension to avoid damage due to a bumpy ride. Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved